MPP Wai Hosts Round Table With Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade

Published on July 30, 2020

Community Round Table is one of the many being hosted by various members and focusing on consulting respective sectors of the economy in order to best plan for a full recovery.

On Wednesday July 29th at 2PM, MPP Wai hosted a Community Round Table focused specifically on how the government can best support the Chinese businesses currently in Ontario. The round table featured a prominent Q & A session from the Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, who answered questions directly submitted by audience members. The round table concluded by MPP Wai thanking the various attendees, several of which came from business and community leadership backgrounds, as well as the other MPPs in attendance and the Minister for his role as the guest-of-honour, for taking time out of their busy schedules due to understanding how vital of a role community consultations will play in the total economic recovery of Ontario.

The Minister was quick to get right down to all the government has done so far since the declaration of a State of Emergency, and furthermore what are some of the process currently being looked at:

“Good afternoon everyone. I’m so happy that so many of you can make it, and by extension so many members as well, including, of course, MPP Daisy Wai. It really shows the commitment they have to supporting business recovery in each and every one of their own communities, which can only mean good things for the people of Ontario as a whole…”.

(Proceeds to highlight the numerous initiatives and funding secured respectively by the Ontario government since the declaration of a State of Emergency, including but not specific to):

1. COVID19 Action Plan (Minister Phillips, of Finance)

2.Mass Tax deferrals, including of commercial property tax.


3.Deferred electricity sue rates as the lowest possible for a three month period, for both residential and commercial property owners

4.The release of the Ontario Together Portal, which now has over 28,000 submissions, and almost $1 Million in purchases for critical medical supplies done by the government directly due to the success of the portal.

5.Several guidelines released that enacted protections for the right to secure a job amidst COVID19, and additional safety relations in terms of reopening (sector-by-sector).

6.The Protecting Small Business Act, and, in tandem with the federal government, the Canada Commercial Rent Relief Program for Small Business

“We want to make sure that, no matter what, this pandemic does NOT prevent (1) international investments to Ontario, and (2) stagnant job growth in our province. We must be able to send a message to investors, domestic but especially international, that Ontario is, as the Premier likes to tout, ‘Open for Business’....”.

“Just as important, the road to recovery must be done TOGETHER with our communities, not just for them. This is why I’m so happy we have about one hundred attendees at this round table alone; community consultations are essential at this stage of the game..”.


Quick Facts

94 attendees in total for this hour-long Community Round Table

20 Chinese Business Associations attended, and each association had members from various levels of management in the company. 

10 MPPs in total attended the Community Round Table 

All 3 MPPs of Chinese descent attended, including MPP Wai herself.

6 different sectors raised their concern directly with the Minister.


Those interested in watching the FULL Community Roundtable can do so on the Youtube Channel of MPP Wai