The First Online Town hall

Published on April 29, 2020

MPP Wai Leads A Online Townhall Focused On Supporting Small Business Within Richmond Hill, And

Featuring MPP Stan Cho From The Ministry Of Finance, Mayor Barrow and The City Of Richmond Hill, The Richmond Hill Board Of Trade,

and many within the community coming out to support one another. 



Richmond Hill- Today, MPP Wai led an online town hall for those within the Richmond Hill community looking for updates on how governments are working together to best support small businesses and local industries both during COVID19 and for the eventual rebuilding stages. Attendees were able to submit questions to honoured guests and Willowdale MPP Stan Cho, who currently serves as a Parliamentary Assistant to the Ministry Of Finance, a Ministry of which is playing an important role in Premier Ford’s currently-in-development Jobs and Recovery Committee. Those who attended the town hall also heard considerable input from Richmond Hill Mayor David Barrow, representatives from the City of Richmond Hill and leaders from community organizations such as the Richmond Hill Board Of Trade. 

Many questions for MPP Cho revolved around the recent announcements of joint-ventures between the provincial and federal governments to support business at this time. The province is committing $241 million through the new Ontario-Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance Program (OCECRA). Other questions were regarding if the government is considering the possibility of a second wave of COVID19 forming later on in the year (to which MPP Cho confirmed they definitely are) to if certain requirements and changes will be made to regular workdays as we recover. MPP Cho responded to the latter with “As the Premier has been saying, as we go back to rebuilding Ontario, we will be returning to a “new-normal”. This doesn't mean it is a bad thing; in fact, if trends are an indication, expect sunny days ahead, finally. But with those sunny days, expect changes”


MPP Cho was delighted to take questions from those in the Richmond Hill community. His personal background in owning and operating a small business gave him a sympathetic insight into the struggles current business owners in the area are going through right now. He also assured the audience that, when it comes to the governance of their MPP, they are in good hands: “(when I think of Daisy as a person,)what a tireless, passionate advocate she is for Richmond Hill...I have the privilege of being able to not just call Daisy a mentor and friend, but have travelled with her, and seen her leadership skills both in Canada and overseas first hand…” 

This online town hall was the first in a series of town halls being hosted by MPP Wai this month. The second town hall, two weeks away, will feature Education Minister Stephen Lecce as a distinguished guest to take questions from residents, and be focused on the state of education in Ontario. To register for this event, please contact the office of MPP Wai at [email protected]