Volunteering On Team Wai


A Team. A Vision. A Difference To Make In People’s Lives

One Of The Volunteer Teams During The 2018 Provincial Election

NOTICE:  Due to COVID19, the application process for all volunteers will be unfortunately delayed indefinitely. The Office of MPP Wai is nonetheless thankful for everyone that has expressed interest in contributing to the team so far, and will ensure all who applied will be contacted once the spring/summertime schedule becomes more appereant.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email anthony.savonarota@pc.ola.org. Your information will be recorded, and once things open up again you will promptly receive a volunteer application form. 

How To Apply:

Please fill out and send our Volunteer Form to anthony.savonarota@pc.ola.org .

For descriptions of specialized volunteer roles, please see below.

If you have any questions throughout the application process, please contact Anthony. 


Volunteer Roles:

1. Canvassing Assistant & Canvassing Captain

2. Event Specialist

3. Graphic Design & Branding Specialist


Have you ever wanted to partake in growing a vision alongside like-minded people and learning skills every step of the way? Take a more active role in our democratic system and the political processes intertwined with it? Show direct support for someone who shares your values, and interests in elevating the wellbeing of the people that make up your community?

MPP Wai and her team firmly believe that volunteering is a crucial way of enabling people in a community to become more engaged, especially when it comes to politics.

MPP Wai knows all about how beneficial volunteering can be, both for the communities served by volunteers and volunteers themselves on an individual level. Daisy has been serving the community through multiple volunteer endeavours for over 25 years. Prior to being elected, Daisy sat on various boards, including York Regional Police Services and The Mackenzie Health Foundation. She was also Chair of the Board of Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce, among others.

To this day Daisy continues to serve her local community outside of her position as an MPP in several ways, and for several causes.She is currently a Board Member of the Light House Council,and is Deacon of the Richmond Hill Christian Community Church, where she provides programs for Youth and Children including autism and cancer support. These roles supplement her hard work in the Legislature for the people of Richmond Hill by continuously providing her a first-hand account of her efforts paying off, and the ways she can keep assisting those in the community.